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Blood Testing On Different Types of Cancer


Cancer is the number one killer disease. It affects millions of people from different parts of the world. The key to stopping the mortality rate of cancer is prevention and early detection. A research was presented to the NCRI or National Cancer Research Institute Cancer Conference in Liverpool and it showed that there are more than 800 markers found in the blood of patients suffering from cancer. This has the possibility to develop a single blood test for cancer, which will be used to detect different types of cancer at an early stage.

The research was conducted in order to come up with a screening test using a single blood sample for different types of cancer. Hence, a general screening test will be used to detect various forms of diseases. The cancer mortality rate in the United Kingdom is higher as compared to other western countries. The mortality rate is associated with the late diagnosis of the disease. Hence, it is very important to develop ways to decrease the mortality rate and one perfect way of doing so is by early detection. By doing so, more and more ways can be done to cure the disease thereby helping save many lives.

Usually, cancer is being detected once the symptoms are present. So, experts are now developing ways to come up with a screening test for cancer that is less invasive and at the same time has the ability to detect all sorts of cancer at an early stage. That way, the disease can be easily cured and managed.